About the Story

ancient power,
and a whole lot
of trouble.

The experimental regiment known as the Crowmakers has been ordered to stop native uprisings in the Indiana Territory. The Shawnee prophet Tenskwatawa will do anything to save his people and drive away the encroaching whites.

Neither of them are the true danger.

Crowmakers takes place in 1806 in a United States that never was, where soldiers use their minds to control flying automaton guns called Crows, the tribes they clash with harness an ancient power, and everyone has at least one secret. It’s a little bit historical fantasy, a little bit gunpowder punk, and a lot drama and adventure.

If you prefer to read in a format without inset quotes, you can also find Crowmakers at Royal Road Legends.

The story begins here.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: As of 5/28/17, this serial is inactive. For a full explanation, see this post. The short run-down is that while the web serial will not continue, there is a possibility for a future book version of Crowmakers #2. If you’d like to be notified and receive an offer of a free advance reader copy, be sure to visit my author site and join my mailing list there.

Thanks again for being such a great group of readers! I hope my words find you again someday.